Amsterdam 2013

Photograhps taken during my recent walks through the streets of Amsterdam.

Anatolia on the Road 2014

Driving across the western part of Anatolia, Turkey, in February 2014.

Ankara 2015

From a three day working trip to Ankara.

Antinuclear protests

Photographs taken at various public protest in Tokyo/Japan, Gorleben/Germany, Berlin/Germany, and Amsterdam/Netherlands. Dated from 2008 to 2012.

Bangkok 2009

One afternoon back in 2009 at the Bangkok market.

Black & White

A selection of photographs taken on black and white film.

Constantinopole Walls 2014-2015

Walking along the ancient walls of old Contantinopole.

Dutch Skies 2007-2010

A collection of a dozen photos taken in the Netherlands, capturing some of the variety of a sky in this flat land.

France 2013

From our holiday trip to Normandy, May 2013.

Ground Zero 2005

At Ground Zero in New York, spring 2005.

India 2010

Moments captured while i worked in India, in Bangalore and around.

Istanbul 2010

A fascinating weekend in Istanbul, September 2010.

Istanbul 2013

Photographs taken in the streets of Istanbul in April 2013.

Istanbul 2014

Weekend in Istanbul.

Japan 2013

Photographs from my September 2013 trip to Japan. I worked for a week in the Fukushima city and on the way there, spent couple of hours in the streets of Tokyo.

Jerusalem 2015

From my weekend visit to Jerusalem in February, when working from our Tel Aviv office.

Moments 2007-2010

A collection of ten photographs taken during my various travels.

Murmansk 2013

A dozen of pictures taken upon arrival to and departure from Murmansk, including few photos from the way between the hotel and Greenpeace office.

Snow in Istanbul 2015

Capturing two days when there was snow in Istanbul, early January 2015.

St Petersburg 2013

Couple of street photos taken while walking between our office and several destinations in town. Plus a nice sightseeing evening organized for us by local volunteers.

Stockholm 2011

Exploring the city during a nice spring weekend.

Stockholm 2014

One Saturday afternoon in the city

Taiwan 2011

Three days in Taipei, October 2011.

Tokyo Police 2011

Police engaging with an antinuclear protest taking place at Shinjuku, central Tokyo. Pictures taken on 11th June 2011, exactly 6 months since the Fukushima nuclear disaster began.