20 Attemts to Spot Mountain Fuji

Freely inspired by Hokusai, I was capturing my various attempts to spot the eluding Mount Fuji during my trip there in September 2013.

Antinuclear protests

Photographs taken at various public protest in Tokyo/Japan, Gorleben/Germany, Berlin/Germany, and Amsterdam/Netherlands. Dated from 2008 to 2012.

Fukushima 2011-2013

Photograps taken during my several trips to the Fukushima Prefecture since 2011.

Japan 2013

Photographs from my September 2013 trip to Japan. I worked for a week in the Fukushima city and on the way there, spent couple of hours in the streets of Tokyo.

Japanese Autumn 2013

One afternoon in early December at the Shinjuku Goyen Park

Tokyo Police 2011

Police engaging with an antinuclear protest taking place at Shinjuku, central Tokyo. Pictures taken on 11th June 2011, exactly 6 months since the Fukushima nuclear disaster began.