Jan Beránek (1970) is a Czech environmental activist, energy expert, and politician.

Already during his high school studies, he graduated a course in astronomy at the Brno Astronomical Observatory, where he also worked as a volunteer. From 1988 to 1990, he studied physics at the University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně (today Masaryk’s University) in Brno. He also attended sociology studies there later, between 1993 and 1995.

In early 1989, Jan co-founded an environmental organization Hnutí DUHA (Rainbow Movement), which in 1993 became the Czech branch of an international network of Friends of the Earth. With the political changes in Czechoslovakia in November 1989, he became a full time political and environmental activist.

Jan has been actively working on issues related to energy, climate change and nuclear power since late 1980s, with an initial focus on energy policies and the Soviet-designed nuclear reactors in the Czech Republic and other Eastern European countries. During 1990’s, Jan became a recognized leader of a broad societal movement against Temelín nuclear power plant. He also wrote several publications about energy and nuclear power, including three which had been commissioned by the national and local governments. In addition, he also published numerous articles and analytical papers on those issues. In this capacity, Jan was invited and spoke as a specialist at several expert hearings in the European Parliament.

In 2002, he has left Hnutí DUHA/Friends of the Earth CZ, after being its executive director for three years, in order to engage with party politics. In April 2003, he was elected as a chair of the Czech Green Party, and served in this position until September 2005.

He joined Greenpeace in 2006, where he initially led its climate and energy campaign in Central and Eastern European region. In June 2007, he became the Nuclear Energy Project Leader at Greenpeace International, based in Amsterdam. In 2011, he acted as a head of Greenpeace’s global crisis response to Fukushima nuclear disaster. He was also involved in the field work in Japan, and in 2013 has earned the highest grade at the radiation protection course of the Reactor Institute of the Technical university at Delft, Netherlands.

Between 2014 and 2017. Jan worked as a program director at Greenpeace Mediterranean (with teams based in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel). Since July 2017, he is back in Amsterdam on the position of the Senior Development Manager for Greenpeace International.

He continues to publish essays, commentaries and reports, mostly in the Czech language.
This website contains their selection, along with photographs that Jan loves to take as his hobby.

You can find more English information in a structured CV here, or on Jan's profile at LinkedIn.