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> Curriculum Vitae

2007 today leader of nuclear energy project of Greenpeace International
chair of the Czech relay of WISE (World Information Service on Energy)
2006 coordinator of campaigns on energy and climate change for Greenpeace in  Slovakia, Poland and Hungary
chair of the Czech relay of WISE (World Information Service on Energy)
2003 – 2005 chair of Green Party Czech Republic
2005 participant of a study trip to US with Marshall Memorial Fellowship for „Young Leaders of Europe“
2002 – 2003 independent energy and environment consultant, advisor to NGO projects

co-founder of the “Brandys initiative”, formulating the demands for principles and concrete measures to further develop civic society and citizens initiatives, negotiating with political leaders and signing a treaty with them on their support of these structural steps

1999 – 2002 executive director, Hnutí DUHA-Friends of the Earth Czech Republic, considered at that time to be one of the most influentiual citizen groups in Czech Republic
1998 2001 member of the local council at the village of Újezd u Tišnova, where he lives with wife Hana, two daughters Alžbětka (1997), Františka (1999) and son  Jan (2003)
1992 – 2002 member of the Board of Hnutí DUHA-Friends of the Earth CZ
2000 main organizer of the “Referendum 2000” project, which succeeded to gather in less than three months 115,667 signatures on a petition calling for referendum about start-up of  Temelín Nuclear Power Plant
1999 after four years of court cases, he wins the case against CEZ power utility, the 300 000 CZK of money won is used as core capital for a newly established foundation supporting citizen organizations and fight for better quality of democracy
1993 – 1998 active participant of non-violent civic disobedience and blockades of  Temelín Nuclear Power Plant
1989 – 1999 leader of the energy program of Hnutí DUHA-Friends of the Earth CZ
1995 winner of Sasakawa Peace Foundation first prize for the "Best Environmental Project of the Year"
1989 co-founder of Hnutí DUHA/Friends of the Earth Czech Republic


More detailed Curriculum Vitae can be downloaded here (PDF,105 kB).